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Our Family Department is well equipped to deal with the difficult issues relating to the law as it impacts upon the care and welfare of children. We can help and advise you of alternative approaches to your case so that you receive the best results for you and your family.

Instead of your children being taken away from you and put into care you have alternative options which may include their Grandparents or siblings adopting. This will help your child to stay close to their family as well as having the chance to still have contact with you.

Sometimes this arrangement is made more formal. This happens when a court grants an order – normally a ‘residence order’ or ‘special guardianship’ order – saying who your child will live with.

If you have been granted a residence order or special guardianship you will receive parental responsibility for the time the order lasts. You then have the right to make decisions about how the child is raised.

If you are a concerned grandparent or sibling and would like to adopt your family member please call our legal team to discuss the best way forward for you and your relative.

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