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  • Released Under Investigation

Released Under Investigation

From the 3rd April 2017, a suspect who the police believe may have broken the law can be Released Under Investigation (RUI) before they face any possible charges.
If this has happened to you it means you have been interviewed under police caution and then released by the police whilst the investigation is still ongoing.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • You are not on Police bail but the investigation is ongoing.
  • You may be required to attend the Police Station for further interview.
  • You may be recalled and charged/rearrested.
  • You may be summoned to appear before the court.
  • You may be notified of no further action.

You will be given notice with information by the police with further guidance such as:
Inappropriate contact with anyone linked to your case, either directly or indirectly, through a third party or social media, may constitute a criminal offence.
The notice will further mention the serious criminal offences of Witness Intimidation and inform you that you could face up to 5 years in prison or perverting the course of justice, in which case you could face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Why Was Released Under Investigation Introduced?

Prior to April 2017 suspects were given “Police Bail” where those released would have been given a bailed to return date and often bail conditions. This however led to a number of suspects being on police bail for months, sometimes even years, living their lives subject to those conditions. Many suspects would return to the police station on a number of occasions to then have another bail date imposed with no end in sight. The Policing & Crime Act 2017 was introduced to improve the process of an investigation as well as limiting the time someone could be held on police bail.

Criticism has arisen of this new system as thousands of suspects have had to put their lives on hold waiting for the police to make a decision to charge or no further action the case. Police bail today is still used on certain cases/offences but the majority are now dealt via Release Under Investigation. However, this has created additional problems as suspects now find themselves seeking a conclusion to the investigation but the police have not addressed the matter at hand in a timely manner. It is also felt that a number of cases will be prioritised by the police at an investigation stage whilst others fall by the wayside.

What Should I Do If Released Under Investigation?

It is very important that you stay in contact with your legal team who will themselves remain in communication with the police on a regular basis for updates. Noble Solicitors are experts in all aspects of Criminal Law and assisted clients for over 20 years. If Noble Solicitors did not represent you at the original interview but you want us to take on your case this is not a problem. You will need to notify your previous solicitors of your decision to change and advise them that we are taking on your case. Our Crime team can then contact your old solicitor to request your file.

If you are contacted by the Police whilst Released Under Investigation you should call us immediately for one of our expert Criminal Defence Team to assist you.

We are available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

Call: 07000 818283 (Outside London) 07779 600600 (London)

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