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  • Fees and Funding Options

SRA Transparency Rules

The firm prides itself on the quality of the work and service it offers to clients. Below you will see the funding options available to you at Noble Solicitors.

Private Funding:

At your first meeting the Solicitor will go through the funding of your case and offer transparency to you when we calculate our fees. They will also advise at that point where there may be a need for additional funding for what are known as disbursements incurred during the case. (Such as External Experts/Barristers). Your Solicitor will also discuss with you what monies are needed (where applicable) on account to progress the case and will offer you a breakdown of these costs.

Motoring Offences At A Magistrates Court

Criminal Court Hearing

Employment Law

Licencing Fees

Legal Aid:

Noble Solicitors are contracted to the Legal Aid Agency in the following areas of law:

  • Criminal Law
  • Prison Law
  • Mental Health Law
  • Family Law

Legal Aid Funding Criminal Law

Legal Aid Funding Civil Law

In Criminal Law matters to qualify for Legal Aid you must satisfy both the Interest To Justice Test and Means Test. If you do not qualify for Legal Aid your Solicitor will discuss with you the option of paying privately for the firm to represent you and your case. The Solicitor will give you a fair and realistic pricing option from the outset and where applicable quote you a fixed fee. In Family Law the ability to gain Legal Aid funding has been restricted in recent years and we recommend you contact us to find out what you would be eligible for.

Please do not hesitate in contacting your local office to discuss further.