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  • HMRC investigations and proceedings

HMRC investigations and proceedings

HMRC have become increasingly keen to ensure that no detriment to the public purse is incurred as a result of the way in which individuals and companies conduct their tax affairs. Where concerns surrounding tax affairs do arise, they are swift to intervene and pursue individuals involved in the civil and criminal courts as well as the tax tribunal.

We are experienced in dealing with a wide range legal matters involving HMRC, at different stages, and within various forums. We have established relationships with experienced accounts who we often work in conjunction with, when assisting client’s with issues involving HMRC. We understand the importance of taking steps to protect our client’s interests at the outset and attempting to engage with HMRC during the early stages of any proceedings.

Examples of cases that are team have handle include the following:

  • Assisted a client defending a civil claim being brought by HMRC in relation to unpaid VAT, over a period of several years. The case was eventually discontinued after a nil assessment was accepted.;
  • Represented a client being investigated for offences under Schedule 38 (tax agents: dishonest conduct) Finance Act 2012;
  • Assisted in preparing Memorandum’s of Understanding (“MOU”) on behalf an individual and company in order to ensure that their business activities were conducted, in agreement with HMRC, in adhering to the relevant regulatory requirements.

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