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  • Sentence Appeal

Sentence Appeal

If you find yourself subject to a conviction or sentence and you feel that you may have grounds to appeal against either, we have an appeals department dedicated to taking on such matters, whether we dealt with your original case or not.

Sentence Appeal

Common grounds of appeal against sentence considered by the Court of Appeal are:

  • Sentence wrong in law;
  • Sentence wrong in principle;
  • Sentence is manifestly excessive;
  • Disparity between co-defendants where there should be none;
  • Parity between co-defendants where there should be none;
  • Evidence wrongly not taken into account by Sentencing Judge;
  • New evidence which has come to light since sentence was imposed.

We consider your case in line with these grounds with the benefit of the authorities from the Court of Appeal and advise as to whether in our opinion you have reasonable prospects of a successful sentence appeal.

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