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  • Prison Discipline

Prison Discipline

If a prisoner is accused of committing an offence while serving their sentence, the outcome of a prison disciplinary hearing can result in a serious punishment.

Legal support is therefore very important and can help ensure a fair prison discipline adjudication procedure.

If there is a risk of increased time in custody for an alleged breach of prison rules, Noble Solicitors can represent our client at a hearing and offer advice where appropriate.

The punishment applied often depends on the nature and seriousness of the alleged disciplinary offences, but there may be other mitigating factors which should be considered.

Appealing a prison discipline decision

If there is a negative outcome, Noble Solicitors can also do the following:

  • Lodge an appeal with the Prison Service Headquarters.
  • Submit a challenge through the Prison Ombudsman.
  • Submit a challenge by application to the High Court for a judicial review.

Get funding for us to help you

If a prisoner is facing a prison discipline hearing for alleged offences while serving their sentence, it may be possible to obtain legal aid* to fund our services.

To find out more, please call 01582 544370.

*Please note that this is different to the kind of legal aid applied to criminal matters going before the Courts.

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