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  • Civil Fraud

Civil Fraud

It would be a simplification to say that civil actions for fraud is where there is a meeting of our expertise in both dispute resolution and criminal proceedings for fraud. Of course, our considerable experience of each is a tremendous advantage but there is more to successfully dealing with these cases.

For a party to be able to assert fraud in civil proceedings it is necessary to have a firm evidential basis upon which to make those assertions. This means that to bring this action requires detailed preparation of every aspect of the case including a complete financial analysis whilst at the same time proceeding quickly enough to avert the risk of the dissipation of funds. On the other hand, in defending these cases, one is presented usually with a large body of material and extremely short time limits to comply with Court directions particularly if at the outset an order has been sought and obtained ex parte (by the claimant without prior notice). The ability to process this information and to give timely and incisive advice, and prepare for imminent hearings is essential.

Recent cases handled by our team include:

  • Advising a client on a potential claim for civil fraud being brought against him by the Gambling Commission;
  • Defending a claim for fraud brought by a company against its accountant responding to an order freezing assets worldwide;
  • Acting on behalf of an individual served with a freezing order and order for delivery up by a multi-national company;
  • Advising individuals in respect of potential actions for civil fraud.
  • Bringing claim on behalf of an investor to recover monies fraudulently obtained by representations as to its intended use.

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