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Employment Law

When the employment relationship breaks down or is at risk of a breakdown, it can be extremely unsettling for all concerned. In disputes, even from the earliest stage, if possible, prior to termination it is vital to be in receipt of advice as to one’s position regardless of whether they the employer or the employee. This can be the different between a claim succeeding or failing.

In such circumstances, we can negotiate exit arrangements and compromise agreements, failing which pursue such claims, whether for unfair dismissal, redundancy or discrimination to the Employment Tribunal.

In addition, we specialise in the following other aspects of employment law:

  1. Advising on and opposing restrictive covenants sought to be enforced
  2. Advising on executive contracts
  3. Negotiating Directors’ exit packages

Recent cases our team has handled include the following:

  • Acting for an advertising executive whose employers sought to enforce alleged restrictive covenants
  • Acting for a retail sector manager in the pursuit of a grievance and negotiating an exit package
  • Advising a senior motorsport engineer on terms and conditions with a leading manufacturer.
  • Advising a Motorsport engineer where a racing team sought to imply restrictive covenants into a contract of employment
  • Negotiating the exit agreement for a company director
  • Advising a psychologist on a grievance and subsequent claim for constructive dismissal from a private unit

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