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Steve Bucinikas


Steve Bucinikas
Crown Court Senior Litigator & Manager
26-28 Stuart Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 2SW
Office: 01582 544370
Mobile: 07919 166731

An experienced Senior Crown Court Case Manager who has dealt with a multitude of clients charged with offences from simple theft through to Murder.

He now manages the extremely busy Crown Court Department and takes an active role on ensuring and implementing best practice of the staff in that department.

His loyalty and expert approach to every case and task has earnt him a position on the Senior Management Committee of the firm.

Steve joined Noble Solicitors in 2002 and was previously employed indirectly by the home office.

Having gained vast experience of the Judicial process, coupled with man management and IT skills, he was offered a position in the firm, and has contributed extensively to the growth, efficiency and standing of Noble Solicitors ever since.