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Steve Bayford


Steve Bayford
Senior Crown Court Case Manager
4 Albion Place, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 1UD
Office: 01604 633411 / 630327
Mobile: 07974 206096

Steve is a senior case manager specialising in all aspects of criminal law. In particular complex crime. Steve has a wealth of experience exceeding over 25 years in criminal law.

His experience in working in this specialised area has proven to be invaluable to the clients he represents. Steve has worked on more serious cases including VHCC (Very High Cost Court Cases).

In addition Steve has worked at all levels from police station to presenting cases for Counsel in the Crown Court, and Appeals in the High Court.

Steve has worked with Noble solicitors on a multitude of complex cases both nationally and internationally. On some cases Steve has travelled the world securing defence evidence to present at Crown Court level. This has been hugely beneficial to the client's that he has represented and their cases.

In his career Steve has worked on over 40 murder cases and other areas of complex law.

Notable cases

R v A S and others. Central Criminal Court. This client was alleged to be the ring leader of a gang of men that sought out a rival gang in the East End of London. The gang was alleged to have entered a premises and murdered one of the opposing gang members. After careful consideration of the Crown's papers in this case, and after extensive enquiries in Pakistan it was established that there was an alibi to this murder, and consequently as a result of these enquiries the client AS was acquitted after trial.

R v HW and Others Snaresbrook Crown Court. This was a complex fraud involving high value counterfeit golfing equipment imported from China and sold on a auction site online.

The Crown alleged that HW was an instrumental member of this crime syndicate, which has sold over £2 1/2 million pounds worth of golfing equipment on the auction site. The case had over 10 defendants and also had international implications. After the trial had concluded Steve was instrumental in the POCA proceedings, which the Crown put forward against HW.

Steve after careful arguments with the prosecution managed to reduce the over inflated criminal benefit figure that the Crown had put on HW to a minimal acceptable figure.

The Complex Crime Unit works as a team dealing in POCA matters and Serious Organised Crime. During his time with Noble Solicitors with the complex cases that Steve is often asked to handle, Steve has travelled to Jamaica, Pakistan, Nigeria in the last 10 years to complete these enquiries.

Steve has a proven track record of tenacity with his over 25 years experience in criminal law.

Steve is able to work on any private work or on a legal aid basis.

Steve can be contacted on his email address at anytime or indeed on his mobile 07974 206906.