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  • Extradition


If you are facing the possibility of extradition you need to contact our Extradition team who can defend you against any form of extradition, whether you have been charged, convicted, or suspected of a crime.

Extradition is a division of criminal law based on treaty agreements or multilateral agreements such as the European Arrest Warrant Framework.

The process often starts without warning when a request is made by the Requesting state to the National Crime Agency, who then seek to contact the Requested person with a view of their arrest.

The Requested person is taken into custody and produced before the Westminster Magistrates Court the main extradition court for England and Wales and home to the specialist CPS extradition casework unit.

A great deal of our clients need to speak to their Solicitor in their own mother language. At Noble Solicitors we will ensure this is never an issue and have access to Romanian, Polish, Russian, Albanian, French, Spanish, Bengali, Urdu and Punjabi speakers to name but a few.

We can assist with you with the following:

  • European Arrest Warrant (category 1 territories under the Extradition Act)
  • Extradition Requests: (category 2 territories)
  • Politicly motivated extradition
  • If you are facing ‘double jeopardy’, i.e. being prosecuted for the same offence twice
  • Appeals and human rights issues

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