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Andrew Brumhill with another successful motoring case

On Friday the 20th July 2019, Mr Andrew Brumhill of our dedicated and specialist motoring law department, represented Mr K at the Luton Crown Court. Mr K had made an application to the Magistrates Court not to ban him for the required 6 month period upon his license reaching a cumulative total of 12 penalty points. That application was rejected, Mr K then instructing Nobles to represent him at the subsequent appeal hearing.

The matter was heard at Luton Crown Court on Friday the 20th July, Mr K appearing before His Honour Judge Evans and 2 lay Magistrates. Mr Brumhill represented Mr K, and presented the appellant Court with both written submissions and live evidence, as to the devastating effect on Mr K`s business a 6 month period of driving disqualification could have.

The Court were sympathetic to the representations made on behalf of Mr K by Mr Brumhill, the Court being persuaded not to ban Mr K for 6 months but finding that to do so would cause “exceptional hardship” to Mr K and his business.