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Dangerous Dog Cases & Successful Cases Defended

Lisa Collins has many years of experience in dealing with dog cases/offences and she can advise and represent you in order to secure the best possible outcome for both you and your dog. She understands that it can be a particularly worrying time for dog owners and handles cases with tenacity and sensitivity.

Lisa can represent you from the outset at the police station stage through to trials and court applications and deals with complex, unusual and very serious dog law cases.

Dog legislation is often convoluted and requires specialist lawyer knowledge.

A few of Lisa’s notable cases are listed below:-

R v B

Mr B had been charged with being the owner of a dog namely a Rottweiler/Alsatian cross which was dangerously out of control, and whilst being out of control, injured a person which required significant hospital treatment. It was successfully argued at trial that Mr B was not in control of the dog at the time of the incident. It was held that Mr B had left the dog in the care of a person that he reasonably believed to be a responsible person. Mr B was acquitted of the charge.

R v N

Lisa represented Mr N who owned a banned breed, namely a pit bull terrier. Mr N was not deemed to be a fit and proper person to be in charge of the dog due to the circumstances that he found himself in. The police had made an application to the court for a dog destruction order. Using the help of an Animal Behaviour Consultant, it was shown that the dog in question was not considered dangerous. An application was therefore made to the court for a substitution of ownership of the banned breed and it was successfully argued that albeit a banned breed, in this case ownership could be transferred to another suitable party.

R v W

Mr W had been charged with being the owner of a dog, namely a German Sheppard which was dangerously out of control and whilst being out of control had bitten a passer-by on the hand. This was the second offence of this nature in a relatively short period of time. Having explored all the possible options, whilst there was no defence on this occasion, Lisa instructed a well renown Animal Behaviour Consultant and expert witness in Animal Law who conducted a behavioural assessment of the dog. Despite it being the second offence, the assessment helped ensure that there was no destruction order made against the dog.

If you have been invited for a police interview on a voluntary basis, or have been arrested and/or charged with a dog law offence then please contact Lisa Collins on 07962 608606 for a free initial consultation or alternatively, please email her at