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Welcome to Noble Solicitors

24 hour helpline - 07000 81 82 83

Our Team


Full Name: Henry Christian Day

Office Location: Stuart Street, Luton

Telephone Number: 01582 544370

Mobile: 07824 844505 

Email: Henry.day@noblesolicitors.co.uk

Career History: Henry undertook his training contract in 2005 at a firm based in North London. He quickly became a qualified police station representative and regularly attended police stations throughout the Home Counties and London. He also undertook some training in relation to mental health law and has represented people at hospital manager’s hearings who have been detained under the Mental Health Act.

In September 2007 Henry qualified as a solicitor and joined Noble Solicitors. He continues to attend police stations to represent people arrested for a variety of offences, ranging from neighbor disputes, allegations of shoplifting to those under arrest on suspicion of murder.

Henry attends the Magistrates Court to represent people attending for all manner of hearings including trials and matters heard at the Youth Court. Henry was predominantly based at Herford and then St Albans Magistrates Court before achieving further qualifications which allowed him to undertake work within the Crown Court.

As such Henry is now recognised as a solicitor advocate and much of his work involves attending Crown Courts throughout the land. Henry deals with all manner of offences and legal hearings, often undertaking trials before a Judge and Jury.

Case History:

R-v-J 2012- Firearms Case involving multiple defendants in London and a sophisticated police operation.

R v K 2012 – Blackmail Case, no evidence offered by the Crown Prosecution Service before trial.

R v H 2013 – Section 18 GBH with Intent Case, medical reports and expert opinion sought to assist all involved.

R v A 2013 – Section 18 GBH with Intent Case, involving multiple defendants and youths.


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