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Welcome to Noble Solicitors

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Our Team


Full Name: Nasima Choudhury

Position: Assistant Solicitor – Firm’s representative for

St Albans Magistrates Court

Office Location: Fountain Court St Albans Office

Contact Telephone Number: 01707 326241 or 07786 730051

Email: nasima.choudhury@noblesolicitors.co.uk


Nasima Choudhury qualified as a police station representative in 2004 and dealt with many police station matters since then. 

Nasima then qualified as a solicitor in 2007. 

Nasima’s interest in law began from a very young age.  Since the age of 8 Nasima wanted to be a police officer but then eventually decided to become a Criminal Defence Lawyer.  Since 2002 Nasima has worked and trained within reputable law firms and has gained much experience throughout her career in law. 

In December 2009 Nasima joined Noble Solicitors which is course is one of the largest criminal law firm in the country.  Nasima is the representative for St Albans Magistrates Court.  Nasima deals with all cases at St Albans Magistrates Court and they include both public and private clients.

Nasima also deals with many police station matters and conducts trials at the Magistrates Court.


Nasima has defended many complex cases throughout her career.  As a trainee solicitor, she was involved in the Wardown Park murder in Luton.


  • A male was charged with driving whilst over the prescribed limit.  He raised the defence of duress in circumstance.  His argument was that although he was over the limit, he had driven because a gang of youths were chasing him and he felt in fear of his safety.   The main witness for the Crown made no mention of the fact that his friends were present during the incident.  He simply described how the defendant had got into the car and driven whilst over the prescribed limit.  During a rigorous cross examination of this youth witness, Nasima eventually made the youth admit that he and his friends were all present and they had chased the defendant.  Rightfully, the Defendant was then acquitted of the charge of driving whilst over the prescribed limit. 
  • A female was alleging that she was abused by the defendant.  Again, during cross examination the complainant accepted that she was upset by the defendant neglecting her and in particular forgetting her birthday and therefore she too had attacked him.   The Defendant was found not guilty and after both parties left the court, they were seen canoodling in the court waiting area. This case simply illustrates that justice can be seen to be served.
  • A man alleged that he had been assaulted by the defendant.  One of the witnesses for the Crown was the complainant’s young son who gave evidence via the video link because of his age.  Nasima had to be very careful in cross examining this witness bearing in mind that he was very young.  Nasima successfully did question this witnesses and he eventually accepted that his dad also assaulting the defendant.  The defendant was acquitted.


“The best lawyer in town” …  stated by a client in a public house whilst Nasima was having lunch with colleagues.

“I could not have had better representation” …  this was mentioned by a client who actually called the office after Nasima had represented him.  This was unknown to Nasima.


Nasima lives in Bedfordshire with her family. Her interests and hobbies include singing, dancing, boxing, running on her thread-mill and of course shopping!

Nasima contributes on a monthly basis to a charity called Restless Beings.

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