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Release on Temporary Licence

release on temporary licenceSome prisoners may be eligible for release on temporary licence, also known as temporary release, meaning they can spend some time outside prison while still serving their sentence.

These arrangements can include:

  • Compassionate licence – Temporary release to attend funerals of close relatives, marriages, medical appointments or similar exceptional persona circumstances.
  • Facility licence – This allows category C and D prisoners to attend courses in education or life skills, employment training or to participate in community service projects.
  • Resettlement licence – A prisoner can spend time outside prison preparing for their release. This might include maintaining family ties, making accommodation arrangements or getting ready for work or training.

Eligibility for release on temporary licence

Noble Solicitors can offer advice and support to prisoners wishing to apply for temporary release from prison.

To be eligible for a facility licence, a prisoner must have completed a quarter of their sentence, including time on remand.

To be eligible for a resettlement licence, a prisoner must have served one third of their sentence; and that sentence must usually be between 12 months and four years. There are exceptions, however, so it is wise to consult experienced prison solicitors to ensure fair treatment.

Get funding for us to help you

It is possible to obtain legal aid* to pay for us to assist you with release on temporary licence, through a means-tested application system.

If you would like to know more about applying for funding for prison solicitors, please contact us on 01582 544370.

[*Please note that this is different to the kind of legal aid applied to criminal matters going before the Courts.]

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