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Home Detention Curfew

home detention curfewA home detention curfew allows a prisoner to serve their remaining time at home, under strict monitoring, once part of their sentence has been served in prison.

They will need to wear an electronic tag, meaning that their time outside their home is limited. If the conditions of the curfew are breached, the prisoner can be recalled to prison.

Eligibility for a home detention curfew

The usual conditions for an eligible prisoner are:

  • • A sentence of between three months and four years.
  • • A specific amount of time already served in prison, depending on the length of the prisoner’s sentence. For example, if a sentence is between four and 18 months, a quarter of the sentence must be served in prison before a home detention curfew becomes a possibility.

Apply for a home detention curfew

No prisoner is automatically offered a home detention curfew, meaning it is necessary for each prisoner to apply.

The Probation Service and the prison in question will then decide whether the prisoner can be successfully monitored by tagging, based on their risk assessment.

If a prisoner’s application is refused, the Probation Service and prison must clearly explain why the prisoner does not qualify.

Noble Solicitors can offer advice about eligibility and suitability for electronic tagging; and also offer support in submitting an application. Please call us on 01582 544370 for more information.

If the application is denied, we can also help you decide whether to challenge the decision via a judicial review.

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[*Please note that this is different to the kind of legal aid applied to criminal matters going before the Courts.]

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