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Welcome to Noble Solicitors

24 hour helpline - 07000 81 82 83


Noble Solicitors is one of a few firms who work in supporting survivors of abuse through bringing compensation claims against their abusers. Our abuse team help to provide an avenue for these survivors who may be finding life difficult to cope with due to the abuse that they are suffering or have suffered. We recognise that bringing a compensation claim can never erase what has happened but it can seek to bring closure and allow the survivor to rebuild their life as well as remove any financial pressures. We believe in bringing to light the injustice of abuse and in doing so bring justice to the survivor.

Our abuse team represent children as well as vulnerable adults and the elderly who have been subjected to abuse, whether that is physical, psychological or sexual abuse. Abuse can include a child witnessing the abuse of another or an elderly person being neglected in a care home. If you have suffered any kind of abuse then we hope to empower you to do something about it.

We can bring action against public and private bodies as well as individuals. The defendants that we can sue include:

  • Individuals responsible for the abuse
  • Organisations that employed the abuser
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Carers
  • Local Authority care homes
  • Foster parents
  • Churches
  • Medical practitioners
  • The NHS
  • Employers
  • Religious Organisations
  • Charitable foundations
  • Schools
  • Social Services departments that failed to protect children from being abused at home
  • Any person that failed to protect the child from abuse

What can we do?

  • Lodge an application with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a government funded agency that provides compensation for victims of violent and sexual crimes. The CICA can compensate injuries, lost income, special expenses and future losses. There is a limit as to how much will be awarded in compensation but it is quicker and easier than bringing a claim in the courts. Generally the application must be made within 2 years of the assault and the assault must have been reported to the police or other authority. If a claim is later brought in the courts then any money awarded by the CICA must be repaid.
  • Bring an action against the abuser to acknowledge and compensate the suffering endured. There is no limit to how much will be awarded but the process can be lengthy and the survivor may have to recall in depth what they suffered. The compensation can include money for the injuries suffered, loss of earnings, medical treatment and therapy, travel expenses, cost of care.
  • Even if the abuse occurred years ago this will not prevent a claim being brought. We understand that a person that was abused as a child may not realise the significance of this and the effect that it has had on them until their adult life.

Private Paying

We are unable to take your case on a private paying basis when you are defending a Personal Injury claim.  

We have links with organisations that we can refer our clients to if they feel that they need a bit more support as they go through the legal process of bringing a claim.

Areas of Legal Expertise

Civil Actions Team

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