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Noble Solicitors launches Specialist Immigration Department

Noble Solicitors launches Specialist Immigration Department

Noble Solicitors has launched a specialist private Immigration Department to deal with the rising number of immigration and asylum-related legal cases.

The decision to open a specific immigration strand to the business comes as a reaction to the radical changes to immigration law which came into effect in July and which will have a considerable impact on non-Europeans applying to enter or remain in the UK.

These changes include the introduction of a new minimum income threshold, the abolition of immediate settlement for migrant spouses and partners where a couple have been living together overseas for at least four years and the extension of the probationary period for settlement.

The department is being headed up by Harina Patel, who has been recruited by the firm to help launch the new service. Harina, who is accredited under the Law Society’s Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme, previously worked at the Immigration Advisory Service, one of the UK’s largest immigration providers.

Noble Solicitors managing director Paul Millan said: “Noble Solicitors is always looking for continuous growth and expansion into other areas of law. We want to give our clients a legal service that caters for all of their needs.

“Given the recent changes to immigration legislation, we are confident in representing a wide and diverse array of migrants to the UK who will require assistance in navigating complex immigration laws and rules.

“We can deal with an extensive range of immigration matters. Whether you are a visitor, student, spouse, family member or you are seeking settlement, we can help you meet the legal requirements, discuss supporting evidence and assist in filling out any forms when making immigration applications. We can also help with visa applications, residence permits and nationality issues.

”We now provide an all-encompassing legal service to our clients, dealing with every aspect of law, from civil and commercial litigation and criminal defence to family law, housing and debt and actions against the police and public authorities.”

To contact a member of our Immigration Team please visit our Team page http://www.noblesolicitors.co.uk/team

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