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Noble Solicitors discusses mentally ill people that are held by the police

Noble Solicitors discusses mentally ill people that are held by the police

Too many mentally ill people are being held in police cells, say four watchdog bodies in England and Wales.

A report from the four bodies covering police, prisons and care called for a rethink of how powers are used to detain people in a "place of safety".

Some of those who were detained were as young as 14.

Current guidance says police should take the mentally ill to a hospital or similar location in all but exceptional circumstances.

Amar Shah a Caseworker in our Mental Health Department says “Although you or a loved one may initially find yourselves being detained in custody ‘for your safety’ it is possible that you are belatedly transferred to hospital. At this point you may be requested to remain as an informal patient for a further period of time or placed under a further section which compels you to remain in hospital even if you do not want to. Alternatively you may find that once the 72 hours have expired you are told you are free to go without any further assistance or support, even though you feel you do need further help.  At Noble Solicitors we have a specialist Mental Health Department we can assist if you or a loved one has found yourself in the above scenarios.”

If you are worried about a loved one’s mental health care speak to our expert mental health team at Noble Solicitors. We can advise and assist those suffering with a mental health illness either in hospital or in the community. To speak to a member of our team click here http://www.noblesolicitors.co.uk/contact To read the full article click here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22979198

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