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Noble Solicitors talks about Divorce

Noble Solicitors talks about Divorce

“The secret to a Happy Marriage remains a secret”

                                                            - Henry Youngman

It is a common statistic that in today’s world, half of all marriages end in divorce. Some people, whilst dispelling this statistic as a myth, have to accept that there is a growing trend of marriages ending up in an eventual breakdown.


The problem which exists amongst newly-wed couples is that on their wedding day, there is this super-optimism about their marriage. A person is unrealistic about what could happen in the future, and does not see any problems.  By using this thinking error the person will not plan for problems, will not develop coping skills or will not develop interventions.


We at Noble Solicitors believe that every individual needs to plan ahead for possible outcomes. Whilst we fully endorse the sanctity of marriage, we believe that all parties should be fully equipped with the appropriate advice and safeguards in the event of a marital breakdown.


The Noble Solicitors Family Team are available to help you personally in your family affairs to ensure that you receive the highest level of service and best possible advice. We are equipped to advise on Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements as well as Mediation. We are also able to assist and advise on Divorce, Children Matters and Matrimonial Finances.  


Why not book a consultation and have a chat to our friendly team who are able to put things in perspective, so that you are mentally prepared in the event things don’t go to plan. To book an appointment nearest to you please visit our Contact page.

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