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Noble Solicitors talks about Mental illness 'biggest UK health challenge'

Noble Solicitors talks about Mental illness 'biggest UK health challenge'

Samantha Martin Trainee Solicitor in the Mental Health Department comments on Labour leader Ed Miliband’s press release regarding mental health.




Mental health is still a “taboo subject” as Ed Miliband states in this article and Noble Solicitors agree that it is something which needs to be addressed. I come across people detained under the mental health act and those living in the community who still see mental health as something they do not want to discuss. At times, I have noticed that this does stop people accessing the help that they need. At Noble Solicitors we can help those who are not getting the help they need in the community and can contact relevant agencies on the client’s behalf. If the Government take the step further to giving patients legal rights to therapies for mental illness, I believe this could help prevent a lot of people becoming so unwell that they need to be admitted into hospital.


I think it is a great move for the Government to look at proposals to improve mental health provisions within the NHS and make services more readily available to people. Mental health affects 1 in 4 of us during our lifetime; therefore it is something which needs to be taken seriously.


Noble Solicitors are keen to help remove the stigma of mental health and have attended many events to help with this, including world mental health day for the past two years. It is very positive to see that the Government are finally looking into this and hopefully more work will be done to help remove the stigma.



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